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Wondering how to support SharePoint when you have limited internal expertise? You are not alone. Many organizations struggle with supporting SharePoint due to its complexities. With hooks into so many systems like: email, databases, workflow, forms, security, business data and custom applications, Calypso Soft Inc. forms a logical choice for most comprehensive support option available for SharePoint today.

Sharepoint Training Schedule

What is Sharepoint?

SharePoint Fundamentals

This SharePoint Fundamentals class presents all the essential SharePoint features and information in an organized and methodical manner.  This valuable class provides the required skills needed to jump-start you into using Sharepoint right away.  The course does not require any prior knowledge of SharePoint  If you are already working with Sharepoint, the course will clear up areas that might be confusing and introduce you to a lot of not so obvious functionality. Training Class on March 04 and 05, 2022

SharePoint is a web-based collaboration and document management tool developed by Microsoft. It helps teams to work remotely, together, and smarter. It’s an intranet and content management system used for internal or official purposes to bring an organisation together. SharePoint helps manage the corporate content, create websites, company intranet, automate mundane tasks, and build customised apps that can help teams and organisations to work collaboratively and productively.

SharePoint Online is the cloud version of SharePoint. It has several different integration potentials with other cloud applications. It is paired in viability with other Microsoft package offerings with an Office 365 or Microsoft 365 license.

SharePoint Administration

The SharePoint Administration class presents SharePoint architecture, administer tools, and best practices.  We cover web application and site collection management, search and user profile administrations, backup and many other topics.  The course requires working knowledge of Windows Server and basic  knowledge of SQL Server.  Training Class on March 07 and 08, 2022



SharePoint Development

The SharePoint Development course shows how to use Visual Studio to make necessary customizations and application integration.  One needs to be familiar with .NET technologies to be successful in this course.  We cover important fundamental and administration topics before going into development because we believe that to be able to make proper customizations, the developer needs to understand SharePoint inside and out.  We focus on cost effective SharePoint development because  everything can be customized but not everything should be.  Also in many cases, customizations should be done using Designer and Infopath instead of Visual Studio.  Training Class on March 11 through 15, 2022

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