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Consulting Clients


-Bank of America







-General Motors

-State Farm

-ZF TRW and many more...


With significant industry experience and technical expertise, our Cloud/DevOps/ Oracle consultants and coaches help you address your organization’s specific needs and assist with growing pains. They provide day-to-day guidance to executives, managers, and team members to ensure DevOps practices are implemented across teams and the enterprise.

Types of DevOps Consultants and Coaches:


Our Executive Cloud coaches focus on enabling your executive team to lead a successful Cloud transformation. Your executive team will receive expert guidance from executive coaches with 10+ years of experience working with Cloud principles as senior-level employees and consultants.


Our Technical Cloud/DevOps/Oracle coaches assist in the implementation of containers, CI/CD pipelines, microservices, AIOps and more. No matter what your toolchain looks like, our Technical Cloud/DevOps/Oracle coaches will modernize your systems and processes by showing you how to properly utilize your Cloud tools. 

Our Program Cloud/DevOps coaches guide program managers, project managers and other individuals responsible for implementing and supporting specific DevOps programs and projects to successful outcomes. Our Program coaches have 10+ years of experience implementing Cloud/Oracle strategies as senior managers, release train engineers or program managers.


Our Team Cloud/DevOps/Oracle coaches will build and maintain self-organizing and self-supporting development and IT operation teams. All of your silos and cultural barriers will be eliminated by our Team coaches with their 10+ years of experience implementing Cloud/DevOps practices either as team leads or Scrum Masters.

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